New Life Contracting put a new roof on my house after a windstorm came through and did some damage to the old one. Tytus was super professional and very responsive to any and all questions I had during the process. They got the job done quickly, and my roof has never looked better!

H. Brown

Thank you so much Tytus and your wonderful team members! Excellent job!

Gaozhen Du

I wanted to leave a review for New Life Contracting. I used this company to replace my roof that had been damaged from weather. Tytus Caldwell was the point person for this job and he was very helpful and had great communication with me at all time. When he made an appointment he was always on time if not early which was a pleasant surprise as we know that is not always the case with construction companies. He did the inspection of the roof and took photos and went over them all with me and discussed the damages and what needed to be done. I agreed to work with New Life Contracting. Tytus then placed a call to  my insurance company to start a claim and to see how much the cost would be to me for the job. All I had to do was answer a few questions and an adjuster would be assigned. Tytus walked me though each step and told me what to expect and who to expect calls from and if I had any questions or concerns to call him directly. My claim was approved for only repairs however the adjuster was on vacation so Tytus called the adjuster and spoke with them to explain why a néw roof was needed and that the repairs would not be satisfactory.  The Adjuster agreed and my claim was approved for a new roof. I was thankful for a Tytus as I would not have known otherwise what to do and probably would of accepted the offer so due to his expertise I would be getting a new roof. The roof was approved on a Monday and they would start the roof on Thursday morning at 7:30 am. They would of started earlier but we had rain. The crew of 8 men came promptly Thursday morning and started working. A dumpster was brought the night before and placed in my drive way. The crew was very thoughtful about my property as the move things in my yard carefully out of the work area and cover my walkways with tarps. They also used form pads under there ladders to protect my house gutters. Tytus and I also discussed doing my shed to match the house roof and I asked if one of the vents one the house could be painted and with out hesitation he agreed for the addition labor we agreed on what I considered to be more than a fair price. All of the work was completed that day by 7:30 pm and my new roof was finished. The next day I thought I would have to go out and do some clean up but when I went outside my walkways, deck and flower beds looked better than they did before they arrive to work on the roof. It was amazing that same morning the site manager came and was going to take the dumpster away but also rechecked the work and said he saw a couple of things that were not up to his standards and he wanted to fix them. I thanked him for his work and told him I loved what his team did for me. This experience with New Life Contracting was absolutely amazing from start to finish. If you are in need of a new roof or if you have damages that need repaired I highly recommend this company to do the work you will not be disappointed Tytus will work with you and for you to get you what you need with no cost or low cost to you. Customer Service, the quality of materials used and the high standard of labor that were done I feel that there can’t  be a better business to choose then New Life Contracting. Thanks again to Tytus and all of the crew that helped with my new roof It was a pleasure working with you.

A very Happy Client

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